Better Together

How to be more successful by building your circle or network.
As our world gets more complex we need to turn more often to these simple methods of collective intelligence to expand our world of possibilities and get things done!

Building Local Economies

Wayfinders believes that if we play our cards right we are stronger together. The 20th Century was great for global trade. Many products today have components that come from different countries, and we enjoy the diversity of products at affordable prices that global trade makes possible. Many developing countries are included and are growing their … Read more

The Gig Economy

What is this “Gig” economy anyway? “Gigs” – short-term contracts mediated by digital platform businesses – are increasing,  and have the potential to transform the future of work in Canada and globally. The work is  precarious – meaning it is temporary, contract-based, low paid, and provides no training, health, or retirement benefits. — Towards An … Read more